Cam Newton’s path to his next NFL team is crystal clear

Newton’s latest Instagram release showed him with shirt off, muscles rippling, highlighted by some outstanding video production quality, and imparted the critical knowledge that he has an awesome home gym, complete with his initials embossed into a bench.

It didn’t do anything more than that, we can confidently assume, because NFL front offices — unless things have changed more than we could have imagined during the pandemic — don’t make multi-million dollar decisions based off the Gram.

“He’s doing all you can do in a quarantine world to show the world that he’s ready to go,” FOX Sports’ Nick Wright said, on First Things First. “He’s just trying to show the world, ‘I’m healthy.’ In a universe that there is only about 20 people walking the face of the earth that are quality NFL quarterbacks, he is reminding them that he is one of those 20.”

But who was Newton reminding, exactly? The reason why he has not been signed since his release from the Carolina Panthers on Mar. 24 isn’t because teams have forgotten about his availability. They knew, via the NFL grapevine, or the sports pages, or even social media, the moment he was let go, and they have known ever since.

The Los Angeles Chargers knew Newton was on the table when they drafted Justin Herbert with the No. 6 pick. Bill Belichick didn’t forget that Newton was a free agent in the period since Tom Brady headed for Florida, nor did it slip his mind that his QB depth chart currently is headed by Jarrett Stidham, then Brian Hoyer.

Ron Rivera, Newton’s former coach in Carolina and now with the Washington Redskins, hasn’t forgotten his contract status. And he’s not the only one who also remembers that the now-31-year-old took the Panthers to Super Bowl 50.

So yeah, the NFL knows Newton is out there. It just isn’t sufficiently motivated to pull the trigger, at least not right now. Which is why, perhaps, Newton should just sit tight and wait.

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